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Drink Your Way Through The Best Bars In Belltown

Belltown has so many amazing and unique bars jam packed into a couple of blocks, you really can’t go wrong. Each bar has their own unique offerings and personality, so get ready to find your favorite bar, or a couple!

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Craft Cocktails

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When we first moved to Seattle we lived in Belltown, so we definitely know this area like the back of our hand. Belltown makes for the perfect evening of dinner and bar hopping, the choices are endless!

Ever since Mr. Darcy’s opened, we have been obsessed. We absolutely love the cozy lounge feel and incredible craft cocktails. The Harvest Festival drink is hard to beat and honestly we haven’t tried a cocktail we didn’t like.

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Not only does Rocco’s have some of our favorite pizza in Seattle, they also have fantastic craft cocktails. So grab a children’s book, the menu is inside, and pick your favorite! They use a lot of unique ingredients in their cocktails like charcoal and greek yogurt, but the cocktails are always on point. Also the Bartender’s Whimsey never dissapoints!

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Have you ever tried a Pisco Sour? We hadn’t until we went to Imperial and their strawberry Pisco Sour is AMAZING, not to mention the bar itself is gorgeous!

PennyRoyal is an awesome hotel bar inside the Kimpton Hotel. We really love the changing craft cocktails here, but we have noticed that our experiences have depended on the bartender. If they are busy, you can also head around the corner to Shaker + Spear where they have a small bar and amazing food.

The Whisky Bar as the name suggests has a huge selection of whisky. We love whisky and their selection and knowledge is top notch. Their old fashions are some of our favorite and the bartenders always have great recommendations.

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A Little Bit of Everything

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There are so many bars in Belltown it’s hard to categorize them, but when we can’t decide between beer, wine and liquor these are our favorites! They have a little bit of everything and it’s all amazing!

Cyclops is a local favorite that has a variety of local beer, wine and cocktails. Cyclops is always busy and for good reason, it does everything well and the eclectic decor will have you staying all night.

Wakefield is our little slice of southern comfort when we are missing home. They have an amazing Wakefield mule and their fried chicken sandwich is the best in the city. They have a great selection of beer, wine, and craft cocktails, you really can’t go wrong. Also their brunch is literally THE BEST, get the biscuits and gravy, trust me!

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Some Random Bar is our go to when we all want something different. They have a huge craft cocktail selection, beer and wine in a relaxed setting. Also the crab nachos cannot be beat!

Everything from Local 360 is sourced from 360 miles around, so this is where you go to try something local, no pun intended! They also have $1 happy hour oysters and their macaroni and cheese is awesome!

Roquette is the new bar in the Belltown bar scene. Their French Polynesian inspired decor is on point and their Tai du Mai was really good! We had a few other cocktails opening weekend, that were just ok, but we definitely want to go back now that they have more drink options and snacks!

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Tiki Bars

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We have a soft spot in our hearts for a good tiki bar, probably because we are always dreaming of sunshine and beaches! Thankfully Belltown has two, and one with an incredible happy hour special!

We have absolutely fallen in love with Lava Lounge. Their happy hour drinks are some of the best in the city. It will be hard to choose between all the amazing rum drinks, but get the Painkiller, its TO DIE FOR. We also really love the decor and music, not something we generally think about, but it’s always just right! Also they have a couple of arcades and shuffleboard in the back, so this is definitely the place we go to relax!

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Our review of Navy Strength is with a caveat. They used to have the absolute strongest zombie tiki drink that couldn’t be beat. However, they just recently changed their drink menu and the one’s who were die hard fans like us, have been pretty dissapointed. So we are a little leary to pay so much for a drink, when we haven’t heard the rave reviews we used to, so try at your own risk.

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Arcade Bars

One of our favorite things about Belltown is the amount of arcade bars! So bring your quarters and get ready for a good time!

Jupiter Bar has an awesome vibe and a great mix of pinball and arcade games. We also love that they have games that multiple people can play, this is our definite meet up spot with friends.

Shorty’s is definitely the most famous arcade bar in the area. We have not been to the new location and cannot wait to see it! Shorty’s is definitely the place for serious pinballers and newbies alike.

We absolutely love the vibe and drink selection at Rabbit Hole. They have ski ball in the back and it is always fun to grab a drink and play!

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We love a good speakeasy and Belltown has two hidden bars you have to try. Screwdriver Bar is our new favorite go to bar, the vibe just can’t be beat. Head down the stairs to a large selection of beer and craft cocktails. Make sure to try the Mango #5, served in a pouch, think adult Capri Sun! Also they have a couple of arcades, juke box, and live music on special nights, so you can’t ask for anything else.

Bathtub Gin is hidden bar that you have to enter from the alley. So when you see a line of people waiting in the alley, grab a spot and get ready for some amazing craft cocktails. We went with a group and everyone’s cocktail was equally amazing. Also their gin selection is top notch, obviously.

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Local Beer

Cloudburst Brewing is an absolutely amazing local brewery. We haven’t tried a beer here we didn’t like, they are all really solid choices. All of their beers are comically named and also rotate, so there is always something new to try!

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Add To The Bucket List

We have tried ALMOST all of the bars in Belltown, but we still have a few to check off the bucket list! There are a few bars that we have heard nothing but great things about and can’t wait to try. Neon Boots, Black Bottle, Black Cat Bar, and Queen City, Cursed Oak and No Anchor are definitely our next stops!

Love Seattle and want to check out some other neighborhoods? Check out our favorite bars in Pioneer Square and South Lake Union!

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Where To Stay

Hotels can be very expensive in downtown Seattle, but you get the convenience of everything being in walking distance or a short Uber ride away. We absolutely loved our stay at the Thompson Hotel, they also have an amazing rooftop bar! The Thompson is a very trendy hotel with a very high end level of service.

We have also heard amazing things about the Edgewater Hotel, plus the view can’t be beat. We have had amazing luck with these hotels in other locations the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, W Seattle, and the Kimpton Palladian.

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